Teams should consist of :    

2 Junior gymnasts GAF (13-15 years old), 1 Coach GAF, 1 Judge GAF with current valid F.I.G. brevet
2 Junior gymnasts GAM (14-17 years old), 1 Coach GAM, 1 Judge GAM with current valid F.I.G. brevet

Competition :
  All-around, F.I.G. competition II (C-II)
F.I.G. Code of Points (GAM: Code Junior)
  The gymnasts compete at their own risk.
Individual ranking :
  A ranking list will be sorted both for the female and the male competitions.
Distinctions :
  Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for the first 3 classified at each category.
Trophy “Città di Lugano” to the first classified.

Prizes for individual classification :
  1° Rank : Check for CHF 1’500.-                
2° Rank : Check for CHF 1’000.-                
3° Rank : Check for CHF 500.-                

Prizes for the best at each equipment :
  1° Check for CHF 500.-                
Souvenir prize for all other participants.


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